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Model: 1999

Precious sandalwood is drenched with creamy vanilla milk and infused with light musk in this sensual blend. Net weight- 8oz.

Model: 1994

Light musk forms a base for French Lavender and creamy vanilla in this soothing aroma. Net weight- 8oz.

Model: 1998

Freshly peeled orange is blended with grated ginger and a hint of grated cinnamon and clove, combined with sheer white florals in this sparkling aroma. Net weight- 8oz.

Model: 1997

Sparkling citrus notes of fresh mandarin and limes are blended together with base notes of sandalwood and creamy milk, with light ozonic top notes. Net weight- 8oz.

Model: 1996

Herbal verbena leaves are blended with lemon zest, mingled with notes of amber and fresh grass. Net weight- 8oz.

Model: 1995

Soothing French lavender is woven with floral ylang ylang on a bed of sandalwood, vanilla bean, and amber to create this cleaning blend. Net weight- 8oz.

Model: 1993

This sophisticated blend combines sheer jasmine, muguet, and tea leaves with light musk and sandalwood. Net weight- 8oz.

Model: 1989

Sparkling grapefruit blends with sophisticated bergamot, with light notes of sandalwood and fresh green leaves to create this uplifting blend. Net weight- 8oz.

Model: 1991

Herbal and refreshing, green eucalyptus is blended with the minty notes of spearmint in an inspiring aroma. Net weight- 8oz.

Model: 1990

Grapefruit, mandarin and bergamot blend with herbal basil on a bed of sandalwood and light musk to create this sophisticated blend. Net weight- 8oz.

Model: 1992

Tropical coconut and green lime are blended with the sweet notes of coconut milk, light musk and sheer florals in this refreshing aroma. Net weight- 8oz.

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