Traditional Jars
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Model: 2955

Enjoy the holidays with a wonderful blend of bayberry, pine, cinnamon and lemon rinds. Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2954

A wonderful blend of cranberries and bayberries with hints of cinnamon and oranges to warm your cottage. Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2953

Everyone's favorite with a blend of spicy cinnamon bark, clove and musk. Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2952

An English garden blend of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets and jasmine. Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2951

A best-seller with the wonderful aroma of fresh orange slices containing hints of nutmeg. Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2950

Enjoy a favorite scent combination of rich oatmeal, drizzled with sweet honey, along side a glass of milk. 

Net Weight: 16 oz.

Burn Time: 90-120 hrs.

Model: 2949

Nothing like having the scent of your favorite cookie diffusing through the room without even having to bake them! Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2948

Who doesn't enjoy the aroma of warm hot chocolate with marshmallows melted on top! Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2947

Enjoy the smell of sweet, fresh strawberries- just like the ones from Grandma's garden! Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2946

Whether it be hot and sunny or cold and snowy outside, the delightful ocean scent of this candle will bring memories of laying on the beach and soaking up the sun. Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2930

Everyone enjoys the refreshing, cool, juicy mouth-watering scent of this summertime favorite. Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2936

Enjoy the bright, yellow fragrant Sunflower in your home. Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2941

Buttery pumpkin sprinkled with spice...a holiday favorite! Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2927

True to its name...the aroma is a true MacIntosh apple scent.  Everyone's favorite! Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2935

Enjoy the scent of a blooming lilac bush with this delicately scented floral candle. Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2942

A warm blend of cinnamon and peppermint! Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2932

Enjoy a burst of ripe and juicy melon fragrance in this scented candle. Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2944

Warm up your home with this special holiday blend of cinnamon and spice. Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2977

If you love the scent of fresh, clean linen...well this one's for you! Net weight- 16oz.

Model: 2706

Enjoy the sweet scent of fresh cranberries with this one! Net weight- 16oz.

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